I like to take photographs. I like colors, people, places, things and food. I really like food. I have a special interest in politics and am a reproductive rights activist. If you work at an abortion clinic, please contact me for coverage for Faces of the Fight.


I also paint and sculpt from found objects. Please contact me for pricing.

“Wendi Kent is a queer artist, photographer, and reproductive rights activist living in Madison, Wisconsin. She is an outspoken advocate for awareness of and destigmatization of mental illness. Her paintings are portraits of emotions and with the help of music that is carefully chosen to best match and nurture them, she attempts to put these feelings into a more detailed and visible form. These are typically completed in one session.”

If you have an interesting place of work and need photos, drop me a line. Especially if it involves food. But even if it doesn’t.


Press and publications:

Daily Dot 

Huff Post Women

Washington Post


Rolling Stone 

RH Reality Check


YES! Magazine


The Progressive Magazine

Milwaukee Magazine


The Art Bar
Milwaukee, WI

Madison, WI 

Black Box Gallery
Portland, OR

Social Justice Center
Madison, Wi

Madison, WI